Overview of interesting links related to DMR Communications

As there are many organizations active within the DMR communications industry, we list below the most important and known organizations that are involved in promoting and discussing DMR technology, products and services around the world.


Standards Organizations

FCC   - The Federal Communications Commission
ETSI - The European Telecommunications Standards Institute


Mission Critical Communications

www.utccanada.org - UTC Canada is a trade association focused on addressing the critical telecommunications issues for utilities and energy companies in Canada and the providers of telecommunications infrastructure or information technology services


Organizers of International DMR Communications events

www.iir-telecoms.com - Organizers of Congresses
www.iwceexpo.com   -  Organizing IWCE expo Las Vegas
www.westwick-farrow.com.au - Organizing RadioComms Connect


DMR Internet portals

www.dmr-accessories.com  - Lists an overview of organizations providing DMR accessories
www.dmr-trunking.com       - Lists an overview of manufacturers delivering trunking products for the DMR Industry
www.dmr-news.com            - Lists daily updated DMR news from companies around the world
www.dmr-radios.com           - List a complete overview of DMR radios, radio manufacturers and radio distributors
www.dmr-technology.com   - Portal about DMR Technology