Polish Special Operations Unit requests camouflaged DMR radios


The Polish NIL Military Unit (JW 4724), a unit that that is set up to carry out information tasks and command and logistical support for special operations conducted by the Special Forces, has announced a request for the delivery of Hytera DMR camouflage radios included with specialized equipment. The special operations unit requests Hytera PD785 DMR (UHF band) radios and Hytera X1e DMR Radios (UHF band). The radios must have 256-bit AES encryption, additional batteries and specialized camouflage accessories such as; the SONIC LD5 digital microphones, camouflage harness, camouflage antenna, etc.

The NIL Military Unit also requires the delivery of programming sets for the Motorola DM3000 and DM4000 radios.

Source: Radiotech

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