RG Abrey Farms picks MOTOTRBO DMR system to enhance their communications


RG Abrey Farms, an East Anglian fresh produce company, that grows more than 100,000 tonnes of root vegetables a year, has opted for a Motortrbo system from DCRS to provide wide area coverage and connect its two sites, Wretham and Euston Estates With two sites set 14km apart the team needed a solution that could connect both estates together, Wretham covers almost 6000 acres and Euston Estate 10,500-acres, with over 50 full-time and additional seasonal employees the Estates Management team needed to ensure they were adhering to stringent Health and Safety laws. Their Analogue Solution had been declining for some time, and the environment it had been put in it could not withstand the impact of day to day working life on the farms with users experiencing unreliable coverage in varying terrains and buildings. Therefore, a new communication system that could increase safety, efficiency, productivity and cope with the long working hours was needed.

MOTOTRB IP Site Connect removed all the issues other technologies put in their way such as physical barriers, manual intervention for roaming, limited coverage or lost functionality. An additional benefit of the new system is that no monthly service or access fees need to be paid. RG Abrey Farms chose MOTOTRBO™ DM4400 & DM4600 Mobiles for the tractors and other farm machinery along with the IP57 Rated MOTOTRBO™ DP4800 Hand portables for the Estates Team, all of which had emergency & lone worker functions programmed.

Source: DCRS

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