Simoco Wireless Solutions announces partnership with RACOM


Simoco Wireless Solutions today has announced a partnership with leading communications equipment manufacturer RACOM as it expands its range of SCADA and Telemetry products. The partnership will see Simoco Wireless Solutions develop new technologies in the field of data communications; aimed at helping companies where fast and reliable exchanges of information across multiple sites form an essential part of day to day operations. This includes organisations in the energy and utilities sector, the transport industry, healthcare, national and local government infrastructure and the emergency services.

The expansion of the company’s SCADA and telemetry portfolio will include technologies such as Ethernet radio, cellular routers, Microwave and mesh radio networks, all of which will allow organisations to include data communications as part of wider unified communications infrastructure. The announcement follows the recent merger between Simoco and sister company affini and the creation of Simoco Wireless Solutions, and end-to-end wireless communications business.

Source: Simoco Wireless Solutions

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