Airbus Makes Move into Commericial Drone Space with “Airbus Aerial”


Airbus today announced the launch of a new commercial drone start-up, named Airbus Aerial, that will focus on developing new imagery services. These services will leverage technology that Airbus has developed over the years and uses with satellites and complement that with imaging from drones and other high altitude aircraft. The U.S. operation of Airbus Aerial will be headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and be led by Jesse Kallman, a UAS industry expert with more than 12 years of experience including research at Georgia Tech. Kallman has served as a trusted adviser to executives at Fortune 500 companies, members of Congress, senior officials at the FAA and White House, and leading Silicon Valley Venture Capital groups

Airbus Aerial imagery services targets a range of applications for commercial industries, such as insurance, agriculture, oil and gas, and utilities, as well as state and local governments.

Source: Dronelife

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