The New Hytera PD985

The Hytera PD985 is the new flagship of the Hytera DMR portfolio, offering a wide range of advanced features for efficient professional mobile radio.

he PD985 is Hyteras DMR radio with the most versatile features and is equipped with numerous new characteristics. These include, for example, Bluetooth 4.0 for audio and data transmission, micro SD support for, and the new single-frequency repeater mode.

In addition, the PD985, with its improved noise reduction, high IP68 protection as well as improved utilization of the battery used, offers the best conditions to optimize your wireless communications.

MicroSD card

The PD985 has a MicroSD card slot, which can be used to store critical communications. The card slot is located below the installed battery of the radio.

MicroSD cards with a capacity of up to 32 gigabytes are supported, which means that up to 576 hours of voice communication can be stored.

PD98X-2-459x1024Single-frequency repeater mode

The repeater mode of the PD985 increases the range of other radios by receiving voice and data communication in DMO mode on the first timeslot, and transmitting these information on the second timeslot using the same frequency at the same time.

The PD985 DMR handheld radio is thus ideally suited for use in areas with limited radio coverage.

Bluetooth® 4.0

Supporting Bluetooth® 4.0, the PD985 is ready for wireless audio accessories. Besides easy data exchange, the convenient programming via Bluetooth® is also possible.

Full-duplex calls

The PD985 allows full-duplex calls to other PD985 radios, phones and mobile phones, where both parties can talk and listen at the same time.

Real-time clock

The integrated real-time clock allows users to check the exact time of received messages and calls.

Smart battery

The PD985 has the new smart battery feature on board, which increases user-friendliness and battery life. Battery status, battery life and the remaining charging time can be checked using the smart battery charger.

Degree of protection: IP68

The dust and moisture protection according to IP68 ensures the operation of the radio even in harsh working environments and equips the PD985 for every application.

Improved sensitivity and frequency stability

Compared to the PD785, the PD985 has a vastly improved performance. Its advanced technology increases both range and reliability.

Improved voice quality

The speaker with an output power of 3 watts and a new method for suppression of ambient noise ensures crystal-clear voice communication.