Tait: Craig Clapper Optimistic about Future 06-02-2017

Source: MCCResourcesResources

In a short interview with Bryn Sommerville, who is the communications manager at TAIT, Clapper says that he is excited by the new solutions Tait is developing for their clients.

TAIT Communications Manager Bryn Sommerville had the opportunity to sit down with Craig Clapper, Tait’s Global President of Solutions and Business Development.

“The excitement I get is from the way Tait people are optimistically looking forward to all these new opportunities,” says Craig Clapper. “I think that’s because we are working from a very strong foundation as we start to pivot towards the world of unified critical communications (UCC). Great examples are getting GridLink and the Unify suite into the market and seeing the extremely positive reaction from our sales teams and channel partners and knowing that those Tait developments are at the front of a strong pipeline of new solutions and products.

“That optimism, I think, also comes from us doing better and better at evaluating opportunities in the market and identifying where we are competitive, and where we want to compete through adding real value as opposed to just going head-to-head.”

Responsible for Tait’s services and solutions business, sales and corporate strategy and marketing, Craig joined in 2015 after 15 years with Ericsson. “I was attracted to the nimbleness of a smaller business and the opportunity to get in with a company that has a lot of technical advantages,” he says. “And today, I’m still extremely enthusiastic about Tait.”