SCHNOOR Adds Value to DMR products with the DISCOM-IP-PC 09-05-2017

Source: MCCResources

German developer of individual radio and communication solutions for a industries, SCHNOOR, has recently released a new radio console.

Based on SCHNOOR's  well-established and powerful software platform DISCOM IP, the new product has recently been presented to customers at the VDEW utilities event in Krefeld.

Hardware platform for the new console is a standard all-in-one desktop computer, what makes radio dispatching more cost efficient and as simple as never before. The console can be easily implemented into any IP network.

SCHNOOR supports all established radio control interfaces with the new product just like with any other member of the DISCOM console family via SCHNOOR IPFU modules and gateways to telephone networks or any other digital or analog interface.

The new product, DISCOM-IP-PC, is a perfect match to SCHNOOR's well established DMR products, enabling a fast and cost efficient dispatcher workplace.