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We bring daily news about the DMR communications industry, eventsvacancies, we've added 30+ videos and have over 285 suppliers with a wealth of solutions and products. 

Find products by keyword and use the labels to fine tune your results, check out DMR section with information on the standardHardware CompatibilyHardware Availabilitytechnical documents and a full page with applications that you can try.

As the world’s first internet portal for DMR communications, DMR-Applications.com now serves many organizations varying from government departments and public safety to the utilities industry, transport and defense. In addition, DMR-Applications.com provides information about more than 250 DMR application and solution companies who offer a wide range of solutions and products. We will be adding new DMR-related organizations to our database on an ongoing basis to provide you with quick and relevant results to your enquiries and strive to become your best source for information in the DMR communications industry.


The experience of the operators

Finding products that allow us to offer the right solutions to our clients became an increasing burden as modern search engines return too many irrelevant sites resulting in wasted time. This experience resulted in the web portal DMR Applications, a practical search engine that will provide you with results based on a selection of criteria complemented by optional keywords.

We have worked within the PMR communications industry for over twenty years and have been responsible for the development of PMR in the Netherlands, Belgium, Caribbean and APAC for an international systems integrator delivering infrastructure, radios, services, applications and SMR operations. During this time it became clear that the growth of application developers and organizations providing services and developing products within the DMR industry is developing at a increasingly rapid pace. We realized that it was the right time to bring you a web portal specifically designed for the DMR industry.

DMR-Applications.com is web portal operated and owned by MCCResources.

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